Migraine Treatment in Pittsburgh

Revive Chiropractic & Headache Center provides migraine treatment in Pittsburgh and the surrounding Pittsburgh areas.

Explaining the Migraine Headache

Most types of migraines can cause pain in the temples, at the base of the skull, above the eyebrows, or even feel like you have a band squeezing way to tight around your head among other symptoms.  All of these symptoms can be of the same root cause in nature being that of upper cervical spine nerve and muscular irritation which form mild to severe radiating symptoms represented as headaches or diagnosed as migraines.

How Migraine Treatment takes place?

Most people suffering from these types of problems commonly share some past or current events which are very similar such as occupation, example being chronically sitting throughout the day, past head trauma i.e. whiplash or a car wreck, or a chronic sprain strain due to a workout or sports related injury.I can help by: Once determining if in fact there is a specific muscle or group of muscles and joints causing the symptoms, these are found through specific testing, hands on palpation, and even sometimes using in house radiology to help find the specific cause.  After the specific etiology is discovered a course of action is taken to treat that specific persons needs to become healthier and relieved of pain in the fastest way possible through in house and home therapies.