Headache Treatment via Chiropractic Care

Suffering from Headaches and looking for treatment?

At Revive Chiropractic, Dr. Mullens treats the Greater Pittsburgh area using an assortment of techniques for all types of headaches that come into the office. According to the American Medical Association 8.5 out of 10 headaches are caused by muscle tension and joint stiffness in the cervical spine. These tight muscles and joints can lead to headaches in many different places, most commonly though found in these forms in the picture shown. Headaches according to the AMA also should occur 3-5 times per year and dissipate on their own. Most headache sufferers will have 3-4 headaches per week. That is 156-208 headaches per year.

Dr. Mullens has a past history with migraine issues in his family which makes it very important for him to help rid the symptoms of these headaches as quickly as possible.

Some techniques he will administer follow the lines of upper cervical trigger point therapy applied by his hands, myofascial stretching of the cervical tissues, and many other techniques patient dependent.

If headaches are causing you to lose minutes or hours out of your day due to bright light and noise intolerance, irritability due to the pain, work time loss from feeling sick because of the headaches, call the office and schedule a consultation.

There are a lot of muscles, nerves, and arteries/veins in the upper cervical spine but a few of these muscles are what we call the “HEADACHE EPICENTER.”  These muscles that form what makes the shape of a triangle in the back of the neck can cause massive tension headache and migraine headache symptoms.  If you have had these become very tight you have attempted to rub them to make the pain relieve which is your body’s way of telling you that area is a problem of the symptoms.

Having headache and migraine issues and are in the North Huntingdon or Murrysville areas?

Feel free to contact us for to schedule an appointment! You can visit any of our two locations in Murrysville or North Huntingdon.

Headache Treatment February 6, 2015