Lower Back Pain from Auto Injury

Have You Hurt Your Back in a Car Accident?

Learn how we can help with your lower back pain.

According to the Global Burden of Disease, lower back pain is the single leading cause of worldwide disability. Lower back pain relief is one of the most common reasons people schedule chiropractor appointments.

Car accidents, even minor fender benders, are often responsible for back pain. Did you know that whiplash can result in lower back symptoms?

The forces exerted on the body in a car accident can result in disc injury, lumbar sprains, numbness, muscle spasms, and more. Other sources of back pain include sprained ligaments, strained muscles, and irritated joints. These types of injuries can be debilitating and extremely painful.

Delayed Back Pain in Auto Injuries

Car accident injuries don’t always show up right away. Any collision is a traumatic event, and your body often masks the pain of injurie with a rush of adrenaline and endorphins. Days later, however, increasing pain may prompt you to seek treatment.

As your body reacts to protect the injured area, there may be swelling, bruising, and tenderness, as well as limited range of motion.

Without proper treatment, some injuries can continue to cause pain for years.  In fact, the longer you go without treatment, the more chance for scarring in improper healing to take place, with the chance to make some limitations permanent.

Back Pain Symptoms

Symptoms may include one or more of the following:

  • Muscle aches
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Pain radiating down your leg
  • Pain with bending, lifting, and walking

Acute back pain is the most common and is defined as pain that comes on suddenly and lasts no more than six weeks. Chronic back pain is more long-lasting and life changing.

Avoid or Reduce the Use of Pain Meds

The most common form of lower back pain relief is spinal manipulation; it’s the safest and most effective form of treatment for spinal pain. It helps reduce pain, decreases your need for medication.

Depending on your injury, some pain relief medications may be unavoidable, but for a large number of people with lower back pain caused by car accidents, chiropractic care helps reduce the need for medication or makes it possible to avoid meds all together. Certainly, with the rise in addiction to opiods, chiropractic care should be a well-considered alternative.

Chiropractic Care Complements Physical Therapy

Did you know that chiropractic also helps to rapidly advance physical therapy, and helps you avoid passive forms of treatment such as bed rest. Research shows that manual therapy in conjunction with some form of exercise can be a very effective treatment for pain in the spine, neck, and lower back.

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Before any treatment can be recommended, an accurate diagnosis of your injury is essential.

Dr. Preston Mullens, a top-rated chiropractor in the Pittsburgh region, will help to properly diagnose your lower back pain. This can include ongoing medical conditions, any current medication you are taking, any type of traumatic surgery, and your current lifestyle factors.

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Auto Injury – Low Back Pain October 16, 2019