Finding the Root Cause of your Headaches and Migrainesheadache-relief-in-south-hills

At revive chiropractic we also specialize in the treatments of headache and migraines. The keys to treating headaches successfully is to primarily determine the exact cause of the symptoms some of which but not limited to are, diet triggers, sleep disorders, and primarily poor posture and spinal alignment. These are determined using detailed history from the patient’s, food journals, and radiographs to determine spinal alignment.

Personalized Headache Relief

Once the root cause is determined, then procedures are taken for specific muscles to alleviate specific tension and shortening by using manual therapies such as stretching, massage, and trigger point therapy to these areas. As these muscles progress then we proceed to add in at home remedies, stretching, and strengthening exercises to enable to patient of ways to keep their symptoms at bay and progressing while not in our office setting.

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