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Pitcher Houston Astros Organization

“I am from the Norwin area and when I was home for the off season I came into Dr. Mullens for shoulder therapy to maintain in the offseason. After coming one visit I continued to come back and will continue to during my offseasons. We did muscle therapies on my shoulder to keep it lose and without any tightness or dysfunction occurring.”

Tommy Shirley

Lower Back Pain/ Fibromyalgia

“On 12-3-13 I injured my lower back and was unable to work, shop, perform every day activities, or go up and down stairs. My injury happened immediately when I merely stood up fast, I was unable to stand up straight and felt like I was passing out. I did physical therapy for 2 weeks without success. I had 2 nerve blocks without success. I never believed in chiropractic before but out of desperation I went to Dr. Mullens from a referral of a co-worker. I also had underlying fibromyalgia which complicated things. After visiting Dr. Mullens office my lower back pain decreased from a 9/10 to a 2/10. I have recently visited my Rheumatologist and he was amazed when he saw me as my trigger points are much less painful. With Dr. Mullens help I have been able to get my life back.”


Sharp Lower Back Pain/ Ankle Pain

“Before I came under care with Dr. Mullens I had a bulging disc in my lower back on the right side. I am a multi-sport athlete and after every game or practice I would be in sharp stabbing lower back pain and even sometimes would hurt to move. Since coming under care with Dr. Mullens I have had little to no symptoms in my lower back before, during, or after my games. I also have always had issues with rolling my ankles prior to coming in and when I brought it up to Dr. Mullens we also combined therapy on my ankles. With very little work they are feeling stronger and when I seem to turn them they recover quite quickly and almost never hurt.”

Olivia B.

Lower Back Pain

“I came to Dr. Mullens after continuous pain in my hips and groin. I had been to another chiropractor who did not take any x-rays and only masked the pain with pain shots by one of his doctors. I could not sit or drive for periods of time longer than 20 minutes and I was frustrated when I saw an amazon ad for Revive Chiropractic. After an evaluation we learned not only did I have growing pain but I also had a severe reverse curve in my cervical spine which may have been causing some of my lower back symptoms since prior traditional care hadn’t worked on just my lower back. With a lot of hard work including stretching, adjustments, and rehab exercises we changed the curve in my neck 17 degrees the opposite way. I no longer have any hip or groin pain and only on rare occasions suffer from neck pain. I will continue to see Dr. Mullens for any of my future problems and recommend him to anyone needing relief.”

Ciminy S.

Lower back pain/Disc bulge

Rich came into our office with severe lower back spasm and inability to move or bend at the waist line. After intense treatment on Rich lower back and a tremendous job on his part working at home. The results show as follows. The Radiograph on the left had disc involvement and a pinched nerve. On the right was following all the patients treatment and resulting in no disc or nerve issues.

Dr. Mullens on behalf of Rich S.

Testimonials February 6, 2015